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I am Yinzhen Xu, a master's student at UC San Diego. I received my bachelor's degree from Peking University, advised by Prof. He Wang. I also had the privilege to work with Dr. Jim Fan at NVIDIA and Prof. Yuke Zhu at UT Austin. I am interested in building an intelligent system that can interact with the real world to benefit people's lives and am currently working on embodied AI, computer vision, and robotics.


UniDexGrasp UniDexGrasp: Universal Robotic Dexterous Grasping via Learning Diverse Proposal Generation and Goal-Conditioned Policy
Yinzhen Xu*, Weikang Wan*, Jialiang Zhang*, Haoran Liu*, Zikang Shan, Hao Shen, Ruicheng Wang, Haoran Geng, Yijia Weng, Jiayi Chen, Tengyu Liu, Li Yi, He Wang†
CVPR 2023

We tackle the problem of learning universal robotic dexterous grasping from a point cloud observation under a table-top setting.
DexGraspNet DexGraspNet: A Large-Scale Robotic Dexterous Grasp Dataset for General Objects Based on Simulation
Ruicheng Wang*, Jialiang Zhang*, Jiayi Chen, Yinzhen Xu, Puhao Li, Tengyu Liu, He Wang†
ICRA 2023

We present a large-scale robotic dexterous grasp dataset, DexGraspNet, generated by our proposed highly efficient synthesis method that can be generally applied to any dexterous hand.
HOTrack Tracking and Reconstructing Hand Object Interactions from Point Cloud Sequences in the Wild
Jiayi Chen*, Mi Yan*, Jiazhao Zhang, Yinzhen Xu, Xiaolong Li, Yijia Weng, Li Yi, Shuran Song, He Wang†
AAAI 2023 (Oral Presentation)

In this work, we tackle the challenging task of jointly tracking hand object pose and reconstructing their shapes from depth point cloud sequences in the wild, given the initial poses at frame 0.

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